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THUrsday - 02/02/2012 01:18
          Peat is important for farmers and gardeners, who mix it into soil to improve its structure and to increase acidity and It's main material to product fertilizer. The most important property of peat is retaining moisture in soil when it is dry and yet preventing the excess of water from killing roots when it is wet. Peat can store nutrients although it is not fertile itself.
Peat is an important raw material in horticulture. However, it is recommended to treat peat thermally, e.g. through soil steaming, in order to kill inherent pest and reactivate nutrients.

 Our products : The peat has 3 of kind:

-         Type 1 with organic is from 30% to 35%

-         Type 2 with organic is from 17% - 25%

-         And the type 3 with <17% organic.

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